Can you…?

Read a book upside down, whilst answering 23 questions and do all the agreed sound-effects correctly?

Sing?  In-tune is a bonus but loudly and in front of an audience is a must.

Convincingly pretend eat play-doh creations and go-back for seconds?

Do warm hugs? (and for bonus points name the film?) or do special smiles, which would make every little person feel valued?

Count really fast-moving objects quickly eg. count a room full of little people who can’t stand still?

Remember the name of your neighbour’s sister’s pet gold-fish?

Do a great spider-man impression?

Answer where you’re going, why, how long for when you’re just off to the loo? Or field equally personal questions without batting an eyelid?

If you can, then you sound just like the Super-hero we’d love to join our team Super-hero credentials will be checked and will need to include at minimum

  • a valid DBS / update certificate which we will verify
  • 2 recent references 

This is a term -time only role. Pay is competitive and dependent on your qualifications and experience.

For more information, please get in touch at or give us a ring. All applications will be treated confidentially.